Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Always, Sometimes, Never

I always:
  • check my alarm seven times before bed. 
  • say, "I love you" before hanging up the phone with my husband...or mom...or dad...or brother....
  • wash my hair first in the shower, so I can leave my conditioner on the longest. 
  • drink real Coke. 
  • mean to call people back when I say I will.
I always find something to buy at Target, like these mirrors! 
I always steal as many smooches as possible from this ladybug!

I sometimes:
  • actually remember to call people back
  • text them instead because I don't feel like actually talking.
  • rewash a load more than once because I forgot to dry it. 
  • act like I know people because I read their blogs.
  • cry at commercials.
  • eat a bite of my meal before I remember to pray.
  • pretend that I'm a singer, and then sing really loudly to no one but myself.
I sometimes force my husband to take selfies in the car before date night.

I never:
  • touch raw ground beef.  Ever. Seriously.
  • eat spinach leaves. Gross.
  • forget to kiss my husband good-bye in the mornings. 
  • turn down ice cream. 
I never get tired of this man...

...or this view.

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