Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Showering Sawyer

Sawyer is one spoiled baby already.  He has been showered with so many gifts that we had to call over Aunt Jackie and Uncle Brent to help us get started on sorting through the massive pile.  Luckily, Aunt Jackie is a pro at organizing new baby things, so this Mommy was in luck!

I'm so mad that I didn't get pictures of my first shower.  My sweet team from Northwood threw a shower for me to celebrate with all my Northwood buddies since I moved to a new school this year.  I was overwhelmed at how many people came out to celebrate baby Sawyer.  I miss those ladies so much EVERYDAY! 

Next, my "second mothers" Beth S., Beth C., and Wanda threw a Pinterest-Worthy shower with the help of Arley, Caylon, and April.  This shower went along with our nursery theme- sailboats and anchors.  Every detail was amazing, and I even kept some of the decorations to use in Sawyer's nursery.  I left with a car-load of gifts--and my Petunia Picklebottom Diaper Bag. Gah! 
Loved the Nautical Theme!

How can you go wrong with mason jars?

Mimi, Mommy, and Gigi

Then, Andrew's aunts got together for another fun, nautical-themed shower.  They even had a bunch of little toys out as decorations which are now in Sawyer's toy box - just dying to be played with! Big sister, Maci, would happily oblige, but Mommy says, "No!".  I have a feeling she's going to hear that word a lot here in the upcoming weeks. At this shower we were inundated with  monogrammed onesies (love!) and our carseat and stroller!

Beautiful (and delicious) cake! Look at all those cute toys around it!

Opening gifts. Shout out to Sheryl for all that writing!

Seriously, this mommy cannot resist a monogram.
Last, but certainly not least, my sweet sister-in-laws, Jackie and Crystal, and best friend, Katie, threw a little-man shower.  We played some really cute games like "Guess the 'Stache" and ate some really yummy foods. I loved that instead of a card everyone at this shower brought a book to go with their gift.  As an avid reader myself, I hope that Sawyer will love books just as much as me! 
Baby pictures of me and Andrew.  I hope Sawyer gets Daddy's good looks!

Loved the sweet cookies that Sharmilla made! 

This cake was Ah-Mazing!

Party Favors

Mimi and Gigi love to feel Sawyer move!