Thursday, June 13, 2013

Letter to My 21 Year Old Self


Dear 21 Year Old Elyse,

Just because you're legally able to drink now does not mean that you need to order an adult beverage at every restaurant. Seriously. You're wasting a lot of money.  Also, I know you think those thin cigarettes in the pink case make you look awesome. They don't.  Trust me. 

You are never going to be the cute girl with the pixie haircut. You are not Sienna Miller. Please stop cutting your hair.  

The boy you think you're about to marry. You won't.  Stop trying to change yourself for him.  You will eventually fall back in love realize you're still in love with your high school sweetheart. You will stalk him. He will first.  Don't give up.  True love is meant to be yours. The $700 phone bill in Mexico is totally worth it.  

You're about to venture out in apartment living.  You will live off student loans, rack up a ton of debt trying to be rich, and eventually move back in with your parents.  It's cool.  I'm not going to stop you on that one. Live and learn, Lize. 

In a short time, you'll be admitted to the Early Childhood Education program at Georgia State University. The first call you make will be to your dad about how you need to buy "teacher clothes" now.  You'll graduate Cum Laude, despite the mistakes above. 

You'll lose loved ones. And it will rock your world.  But, you make it. You gain some life-long friends along the way, too. And, girl, your life is better than you ever imagined it would be. 

28 Year Old Elyse