Monday, May 28, 2012

Everybody Loves a Baby

I could love on my sweet niece, Leighton, forever. I made the drive to Birmingham this weekend for some snuggle time.  (A quick round of applause for the fact that I made the drive myself and did not get lost.  GPS has pretty much saved my life since I tend to be geographically challenged on my own.)  I loved soaking up her sweetness. It's quite possible that I would be content spending my days staring at her in awe.  I think she loves me, too.

Cutest baby ever sleeping on her Aunt Weezie.

I plan to make the trip a lot this summer. I'm hoping some of the sweet baby vibes rub off on hubby, too.  My own Baby Fever is definitely running high. 

Mrs. Clower


  1. She definitely loves you & expects to see you again soon.