Monday, March 24, 2014

My Lucky Charm

Sawyer celebrated his first St. Patrick's Day in style.  Mimi adorned him with yet another cute outfit for the occasion.  We decided to take a cue from Aunt Jackie and Cousin Leighton with a short photo sesh.  He really is my lucky charm.

Check out the new thigh rolls. I die! 

Of course, since Georgia weather is crazy, it was a bit too cold to actually stay in short sleeves, so I found another green outfit.  I call him "My St. Patrick's Day Monster!"  This monster obliged me with another photo sesh and even gave some sweet smiles.

Since we were on the floor anyway, this mean mommy insisted on some tummy time.  Big sister decided to join in on the fun and nuzzled right down next to Sawyer. 

Sawyer decided eating his hand was a good way to pass the time. Who needs strong neck muscles anyway?

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