Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ten Months

Dear Sawyer, 

I have been playing memory keeper this month as time ticks closer to you being a year old.  Here are some things I will remember from your tenth month:
I will remember your mischievous grin. 

I will smile when I think about the way you say "Mmmmmm" after every bite at meal time.  And I will laugh about the times when you were just too tired to eat.  Being ten months old is hard work. 

One day, when I pack away these tiny clothes, I will remember your hatred for hats. 

When girls are no longer cool, I hope you'll still think Leighton hung the moon.  I'll remember the way you looked at her in awe. 

And how you were once captivated by Santa.  

At some point I know you'll sleep through the night again, and I'll remember the times when you only wanted to play in your crib. Also, I promise to periodically wake you up at 4:00 am to play when you're a teenager. 

Most of all, I'll remember what it felt like to hold all 19 pounds 2 ounces of you in my arms.  I'll remember what it felt like to have your head on my shoulder and your sweet, milky, baby breath in my ear.  

I'll love you forever. 


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