Sunday, September 23, 2012

Girl's Got the Ring...

Time for her Final Fling! 

Last weekend a bunch of us girls drove up to Helen, Georgia for Sarah's Bachelorette Party. When I say we drove up, I mean we literally drove UP a mountain.  There were definitely some tire-sliding moments and maybe (I'm not saying for sure, but my passengers were pretty convincing) some back-end-of-the-car-hanging-off-a-cliff moments, but we made it.  The view was spectacular! 

This is the view from our deck. Could you imagine waking up to this each morning?
On Saturday morning we took our time getting read and headed to town for some lunch and shopping.  It was the first weekend of Oktoberfest, so the crowd was decent, but can you believe that not a single pizza place served beer?  We finally opted for something quick. 

Me and Katie at lunch.  They had delicious slurpee drinks.  Nothing like Wet Willies, but they sufficed. 
 If you need an outfit for Halloween, look no further! You can become your very own, Jack-in-the-Box. I was slightly amused by this and also intrigued.  There is no way I could keep a straight face for that long! 

 We all realized how old we were on this trip because, after an afternoon of eating, shopping, and being entertained, we needed a nap before dinner and drinks.  The saddest part...we all immediately changed into our stretch pants when we got back to the cabin before laying down for naptime. 

After some snoozing, we managed to get ourselves dolled up for Sarah's night out. I opened my own jewelry shop in the cabin and decided that I could be a personal stylist in another life. 

The bride before heading out!

Me and Sharmilla 

There is actually a funny story behind this picture. Apparently, not everyone knows how to make the kissy face.

If you ever wondered where that random guy that drove you home that one time is living...he's in Helen, GA.

The bride, myself, and Tiffany.

Anjanette is a real trooper.  She is pregnant, and still managed to make it longer than me!

Wrapping up our night. 

Me and Laura.
One lost "wobble" and we were out the door.  

The boys spent their bachelor weekend at Gulf Shores, AL.  Besides some posed pictures on a boat, there is not photographic evidence of that trip. Hmmm.....

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