Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Attempt at DIY

When hubby and I got married - almost two years ago! Holla! - we incorporated a "Wishing Tree" at our reception.  I scoured Etsy looking for the perfect tags and my dad put together an amazing "tree" for them to be displayed on once our guests had written on them.  The idea was that the guests would write well-wishes for us, the new couple, and we would read them throughout the years with tears of joy and fond remembrance of that magical night. *cough, cough*

Reality---the day after my wedding the tree was placed in my spare bedroom and there is has remained. Untouched. Unread. Unloved. *tear*

Now, enter my DIY project.  I have to give credit to my lovely friend, Emily, who first did this for her wish tags and inspired me to be a DIYer myself. Two years later. 

My hubby was extra glad that this project was not expensive. I will use this to my advantage in the future...but I digress.

Step 1: 
Find a branch in your backyard that is beautiful. Preferably one that has already snapped from the tree. 

Step 2:
Buy the spray paint color of your choice.  Used this stuff from Walmart.  It was gray. It was cheap.  It said "indoor/outdoor". 

Step 3:
Cover the grass (another point scored for me) and begin to spray paint your branch.  I only did two coats because I wanted the original color to come through a little.  In other words: do a shotty job of spray painting and you end up with your own distressed branch. 

Step 4:
Freak out because your husband can't find the tools he needs to hang the new project and then proceeds to get distracted by every other item in the garage. 

Step 5:
Pick out your favorite wish tags and hang them on the branch.  Read them with tears of joy and fond remembrance of that magical night. 

This post would not be complete without a special thank-you to my hubby for willingly nailing a tree branch to the wall.  I heart you.

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