Thursday, August 21, 2014

School Days

The end of the summer brought some big changes for us. 

First, I made the move back to my "school home" in Roswell.  You were more than happy to help me set up my classroom.  Okay, you mostly played, but I don't mind.  You were super cute to have around. If only I could figure out how to sneak you in daily. 

Mommy and Sawyer in her classroom

School started for both us on August 8, 2014.  You're officially going to school at a nursery near my work.  The day starts early for us since I have to drop you off at 6:30am, but you're a little love in the morning.  You've been hamming it up for your teachers, and I keep getting reports of what a smiley boy you are! It makes this Mommy really proud. 
I'm lucky because I can watch you through closed-circuit video throughout the day.  I've tried really hard not to be "that mom", but I'm not making any promises here. 

Sawyer and Ms. Lucy

Who wouldn't love that precious face? 

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