Monday, June 18, 2012

Daddy's Girl

My Daddy has always been one of my biggest fans. He knows my flaws and loves me anyway.  He supports me unconditionally.  He was never too busy to get on the floor and play. 

He was never too mature for silly hairstyles in the bathtub.  He was never too tired for one last bedtime story.  You can't sleep without knowing who stole the golden arm, duh. He escorted me to every father/daughter dance. And treated me to an amazing steakhouse dinner at Ryan's afterwards, where he let me have too many cookies, because Mom wasn't there.   

He knew when the boy was wrong, and he knew when the boy was right. He gave that boy permission to marry me. 

That boy takes care of me.  He knows my flaws and loves me anyway. He supports me unconditionally. He even knows how to fix a broken car....but maybe I'll still call my Daddy anyway.  Just to see what he thinks. ;-)

Happy Father's Day to the #1 Dad!   (No t-shirt or coffee mug included.)

Mrs. Clower

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