Friday, June 29, 2012

30 Day Do It. AKA: One Month to Fit Into All My Work Clothes Before School Starts

I went to a seminar recently that included some Ted Talk Videos. Have you seen this?  You can basically get a Ted Talk on anything at anytime.  The internet is limitless!

One of the videos really struck home.  Matt Cutts - 30 Day Do It  I think he sums it up best by saying, the next thirty days are going to pass whether we want them to or not. Basically, I can waste my next thirty days away with some TLC reruns, or I can change something.  Since I've spent the last three days in my PJs with no shower, I guess I'll decide to take Matt up on the 30 Day Do It Challenge.

My Challenge: Make Jillian Michaels My Bitch. I'm going to own the 30 Day Shred like no one else.

Basically, I'm going to spend the next thirty days working my butt off. Literally.  If you love Pinterest (if you don't then stop reading this) then you have seen some before and after pictures circulating. I refuse to photograph my before pictures, but I'll be sure and show you my after in thirty days. 

Since I'm facing back surgery, Dr. Uncle Brent has informed me that it will be better for my husband recovery if I'm skinny healthy. In other words, the next thirty days are all about my health fitting into the ridiculous amount of clothes in my closet that no longer zip. 


  1. DO NOT overdo it!!! Yes, you probably need to get healthier but not at the expense of what little back strength you have left. But, you will do well. Love, Mom. (you said that you wanted me to comment :)

  2. You can bring Jillian to my house when you come. I need some motivation.