Friday, June 22, 2012

Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow...

Tomorrow I will be twenty-eight years old. Today, I finally went and had my license changed to my married name. (Don't lecture me. I know it's been over a year.)  As I turned in my license (just in case I planned to give it to an eighteen year old who could use it to buy alcohol) the DDS lady commented, "Wow, your hair has grown so much since this picture."  I replied, "Well, that picture was taken ten years ago."  Just a comment, and yet at that moment it hit me like a ton of bricks. Ten years from now, I may be saying the same thing only I will be turning thirty-eight! Geez, I'll be old like my parents. I'll have kids of my own. I'll have been teaching for sixteen years and married for eleven. Whoa. Crazy stuff.  So, before I leap into the next ten years of my life, play along while I become nostalgic about the last ten.

May 2002 - I graduated high school. End of an era. Beginning of another.

December 2007 - I graduated college. For those of you doing the math, yes, it did take me longer than four years. No, I am not a doctor.

January 2007 - My first teaching job. I have a career.

May 2010 - Engaged. I win.

April 2011 - Best. Day. Of. My. Life.

October 2012 - Susan G. Komen 3-Day. My legs have never hurt so much. My heart has never been so full.

January 2012 - Teacher of the Year. See, that extra year in college DID pay off. 

May 2012 - My niece. I had to add her because she's awesome, and now I'm Aunt Weezie. Double Woot! 

So, even though it seems like just yesterday that Hubby and I were making out in a deserted parking lot and sipping warm tequila, I really have accomplished a lot in my past ten years. Cheers to me.


  1. Happy early birthday!!!!!!! :) I hope it's great!

  2. What did you do with warm tequila? We're you suppose to be in school? You never know what you will learn from your daughter's blog posting! Great post!